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Tournament Teams

VLL tournament Team tryouts are held in August.


Due to Covid-19 restrictions we can not accept walk-up registrations. In order to be considered, you must register by July 31st, 2020. 

Tryout Details:

Please note, there is a $25 registration fee for tryouts. This fee will be refunded if your player is not offered a spot on a team.

Each registered player will be notified of their exact timeslot within five days of the tryout. 

August 3
9U: 5:30-7:30
10U: 6:30-8:30
11U: 7:30-9:30

August 4
12U: 5:30-7:30
13U: 6:30-8:30
14U: 7:00-9:00

August 13
**8U: 5:30-7:30
9U-14U Make-up Tryout: 7:00-9:00

**Players signing up to tryout for the 2021 8U Tournament Team must meet the following birthdate consideration: 5/1/2012 - 4/30/2013. Our organization's general rule of thumb is that Travel Teams are organized into grade level cohorts. Therefore, entry level participation at 8U would be made up of players entering 2nd grade for the 2020-2021 school year.


Verona Baseball Tournament Teams (VBTT) are an extension of Verona Little League and governed by the Verona Little League Board. All VBTT players must play in VLL. The VLL Board will assist in choosing the Tournament Team coaches based on a number of criteria.

We strongly believe in player development.  In addition to offering more competitive game opportunities, development of the player through additional training opportunities is essential both for individual players and the teams the play on.  Our coaches are involved in a variety of training opportunities, players participate in winter shed and other indoor winter/early spring training, and in-season practices.

Cost will vary based on number of tournaments played and uniform expenses but generally ranges from $100- $500 per player depending upon age-level, commitment-level, and agreed upon number of tournaments entered.

Sportsmanship, commitment, and communication are expected from players and parents of VBTT. With an increased level of competition, an increased level of commitment is also expected. Each team will have designated team practices and tournaments throughout the season; the number of each is subject to the coaches of each team. Attendance of practices and games is vital and may play a factor in playing time and positions played. Communication to coaches is imperative if practices or games are to be missed. Please let your coach know of any planned vacations or other conflicts that will prevent attendance of practices and games. Ability to commit may play a role in VBTT selection. It is not the intention for a VBTT practice to conflict with a regular season Verona Little League (VLL) game, and VLL will work with VBTT coaches to minimize potential conflicts. It is understood that players may have vacations, illness, injuries, family obligations, or other emergencies that will prevent attendance. Up front communication about pre-planned absences to the coach is imperative. We understand the value of playing multiple sports and respect the time commitments that players have made to other sports that are not during the baseball season. VBTT coaches will work with their players to try and minimize off-season conflicts. 

It is for this reason we have implemented Orange and Black teams.

  1.  “Orange” team players must be able to commit to 80%+ of all tournaments and practices (This should be your primary travel baseball team). 

  2. “Black” team players should commit to 50% of all tournaments and practices

  • 8U: Teams will be divided equally based upon skill level.  This is an entry level experience for those interested in tournament baseball.  There will not be an Orange and Black level designation at this level.

  • 9U-14U: Teams will first be determined based-upon a player’s choice of commitment level.  Teams will then be divided by skill level.  The “Orange” team will consist of the highest ranking players that are willing to meet the commitment level required (80%+).


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Uniform Ordering

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