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Welcome to Ceniti Park, home of Verona Little League!

601 E. Verona Ave., Verona, WI 53593


The park is located just west of the intersection of Verona Avenue and Highway 18/151.

  • From the Madison area, head south on 18/151 past McKee Rd. (PD) toward Verona and take exit 81 (Verona Ave.). Make a left at the second light into Ceniti Park.
  • From the south, take either Hwy PB  or 69 north into Verona until you reach Verona Ave. Turn left from PB or right from 69 onto Verona Ave. Ceniti Park is on the south side of Verona Ave., across from Farm & Fleet.

The VLL Complex features three fields with 200-foot fences and 60-foot base paths. One of these (Heartland) is also suitable for softball with a dirt infield and can accommodate 70-foot base paths. The other two (Lund and Frank & Homan) feature grass infields and pitching mounds. The final one (5th Quarter) is a regulation field with 90-foot bases and 300-foot fences.

The Complex includes a concessions stand with a large variety of food and beverage selections. WiFi is also available on-site to help fans stay connected without needing to leave the Complex. We share the parking lot with Conner Field, which is used for football and lacrosse. There are some weekends when sports overlap and the lot is very full. Please use street parking on Hometown Circle, across Verona Ave. as overflow. Please do not park in the lots of our neighboring businesses for Little League events and utilize the crosswalk at Ceniti Park’s entrance.

Weather updates for game days will appear through the Twitter feed on our home page. You can follow @VeronaLL on Twitter to see these updates as soon as they are posted.

Complex Policies

Ceniti Park is both a City of Verona facility as well as home to VLL. For the safety of all our visitors, we ask you to please respect the following policies:

  • No alcohol.
  • No smoking.
  • No dogs.
  • No skateboards, rollerblades, or bike-riding on the concourse. We have a skatepark within walking distance of the park, just west of the Complex.
  • When there is lightning in the area, all games are put on an immediate 30-minute delay. There are no exceptions to this rule. Games will not resume until 30 minutes after the last lightning seen in the area. The entire Complex—including the covered concessions area and dugouts—must be evacuated for the entire time. Everyone must get into a hard-top vehicle in the parking lot or leave the area completely during the lightning delay.

Umpires are to be treated with respect at all times by coaches, players, and fans. Umpire abuse will not be tolerated. Penalties for repeated offenses can range from ejection from games to disqualification of a team to banning of spectators from the Complex. More specific details about this expectation can be found in league and tournament rules.

Finally, we ask you to please not carry in food and beverages. We have a fully stocked concession stand that is open during all league games and tournament weekends. Revenue from concessions helps us pay down the capital cost of our great facility, maintain our fields, and keep fees low for our players. Take advantage of the convenience so you don’t miss a pitch!